BlackHouse, Sep. 06 – Myanmar is facing growing condemnation from the Muslim world over its failure to halt the violence directed toward the minority Rohingya ethnic group, amid protests across the globe. #SaveRohingya

By: Brazilian cartoonist Cau Gomez

BlackHouse, Aug. 26 – The enormous expenses of President Trump for leisure pursuits of him and his family.

BlackHouse, Aug. 26 – Donald Trump has served one-seventh of his constitutionally allotted term of office, and given his talent for self-destruction, there is no guarantee he will get to serve the remaining six-sevenths. But whether he does or not, one thing is a safe bet: When he leaves the White House, there will not be […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 26 – Donald Trump’s family’s trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama’s cost in an entire year. The US President’s three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons’ business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m (£9.1m).

BlackHouse, Aug. 26 – Attempts by Donald Trump to pardon members of his family or fire the man appointed to investigate Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election could trigger an impeachment vote.

BlackHouse, Aug. 17 – If we were to believe all the propaganda we would think (the occupation state of) Israel and (the medieval kingdom of) Saudi Arabia were mortal foes. On one hand we have an entity that describes itself as a blooming democracy, an oasis of civilisation amongst barbaric foes, and on the other […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 17 – Donald Trump signed into law a new batch of anti-Russian sanctions. Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev responding to such a move said that it seems like the US has declared a full-scale trade war on Russia. “The signing by the US president of a new sanctions law against Russia creates several consequences: firstly, the hope of improving […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 17 -The Philippines’ leader Rodrigo Duterte, who called then-US President Barack Obama “a son of a whore” in 2016, made a surprising U-turn by calling himself “your humble friend” in a conversation with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Meanwhile, Washington is reportedly considering launching airstrikes against Daesh in the Philippines — how will Washington-Manila relations develop?

BlackHouse, Aug. 17 – A Russian Aerospace Forces Tu-154M surveillance aircraft conducted an observation flight over US territory, passing over the US Capitol, the Pentagon, Joint Base Andrews and even over Bedminster, New Jersey, where President Trump is taking a working vacation while the White House is undergoing renovations. The flight was conducted under the Open […]