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BlackHouse, Aug. 14 –  An FBI affidavit recently unsealed reveals that investigators believed ISIS was using online auction site eBay as a way to funnel money to the United States with an eye toward financing terror attacks by American citizens. The allegations are that one man, Mohamed Elshinawy, created several fake transactions selling computer printers […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 09 – A Yemeni official says US and UAE operations purportedly against terrorist groups in Shabwah are indeed meant to gain control over oil and gas fields in Yemen’s southern province. According to Shabwah Deputy Governor Mohammed Ahmed Abou Harba, the so-called Shabwah elite forces, who have occupied large swaths of the province, […]

BlackHouse, Jul. 27 – Customers browse discounted shoes inside a Zenden shoe store in Moscow, Russia. Congress moved Tuesday to step up sanctions on a shrinking Russian economy that is already struggling under the weight of low oil prices, high inflation and a battered currency that has sent capital fleeing. In response to Moscow’s interference […]

BlackHouse, Jul. 21 – Exxon Mobil Corp sued the U.S. government on Thursday, blasting as “unlawful” and “capricious” a $2 million fine levied against it for a three-year-old oil joint venture with Russia’s Rosneft. The U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday morning slapped the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer with the fine for “reckless disregard” […]

BlackHouse, Jul. 15 – In the meeting hold by Trump’s request, Saudi Arabia declared to invest in the cost of the Mexican border wall. According to The Guardian reporting, Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al-Assaf, state minister of Saudi Arabia, said on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Hamburg on Friday: “In the meeting hold by Trump’s […]

BlackHouse, Jul. 10 – A trade deal with the US alone is not enough to justify the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), says British justice minister David Lidington. “It wouldn’t be enough on its own, no,” Lidington told BBC on Sunday. “But it would be a very good thing to have – […]

BlackHouse, May 25 – British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has asked US President Donald Trump to, “Build bridges, not walls.” Corbyn made the remarks during a speech he delivered at England’s famous, huge Glastonbury Festival on Saturday. “Look on the wall right over there that surrounds this wonderful festival. And there’s a message on that […]

BlackHouse, May 18 – Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi announced that the JCPOA supervisoring committee would take appropriate decisions in response to Senate move against Iran. US has once again demonstrated that its political system is unreliable in the international arena, Boroujerdi said on Saturday pointing to […]

BlackHouse, May 17 – US President Donald Trump has released a new personal finances report, disclosing income as well as his liabilities in hundreds of companies.The financial disclosure, which Trump voluntarily submitted to the Office of Government Ethics on Friday, showed that the businessman-turned-president had earned millions of dollars from the personal businesses he retired […]

BlackHouse, May 04 – US Defense Secretary James Mattis says that North Korea’s nuclear weapons program poses a global threat and warned China over its continued “militarization” of the South China Sea. “It is therefore imperative that we do our part each of us to support our shared goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula,” Mattis […]