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BlackHouse, Sep. 13 – The series of massacres committed by the Zionist entity against Palestinian holy grounds since 1948 grows ever longer. In this article however, we will touch on some of the transgressions against the Aqsa mosque and worshippers inside it, who have had their blood painted on its walls and grounds throughout the years […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 13 – Israel is in constant quest for allies that can cast their votes in favor of the regime at the UN. This effort by the Israelis is made as they are often condemned by the world body for their regular violation of the human rights as they continue to occupy the Palestinian territories. […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 08 – A coalition of Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the support of several other countries in the Middle East launched a brutal bombing campaign against Yemen since March 2015. In August, the coalition intensified its air strikes, killing scores of Yemeni civilians. On August […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 03 – Afghanistan is a country struggling with a wide range of crises that seemingly stood as reason for the deployment of the foreign forces to Afghanistan. One of the major issues that keep digging gaps between various internal and international parties is the drugs production challenge. This beside the intention to wage […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 24 – The US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has arrived in Iraq in a surprise visit to talk to the senior Iraqi officials. Upon his arrival on Tuesday, the Defense Secretary said that the ISIS terrorists have now come to a military dead end that presses them against the two sides of […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 23 – A human rights organization has revealed a document that the United States trains Bahraini forces to suppress peaceful protesters. Despite the brutality of Bahrain’s security forces in suppressing peaceful protesters for realizing justice and democracy, the United States continues to support these forces and train them.  It does not pay attention […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 23 – 23rd of August marks the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition realized centuries ago. In the United States, ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865 is considered the official abolition of slavery. Abolition of slavery, however, did little to change the life of slaves, majorly […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 18 – Al Arabiya -The conversation about Islamic extremism should begin with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fuelled extremist ideology. Financial support for terrorism from Saudis remains a threat to the international community. Faris Bin Hizam,a Saudi expert in Islamist movements said an estimated 600 Saudis have joined […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 18 – The famous documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, said on CNN: “If you support Trump, you’re a racist.” This Wednesday when Michael Moore was discussing Donald Trump’s press conference, in which he likened neo-Nazi’s to anti-fascist protesters, he contended that the president is a racist. Moore remembered that after Trump’s conference at Trump […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 14 – A few days ago, we heard the news of unknown gunmen who blew up an oil pipeline in Shabwa. People were surprised for several reasons. The first is why the bombing of an oil pipeline in Shabwa, one of the provinces controlled by the so-called legitimacy, However, two days after the […]