BlackHouse, Aug. 23 – 23rd of August marks the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition realized centuries ago. In the United States, ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865 is considered the official abolition of slavery. Abolition of slavery, however, did little to change the life of slaves, majorly […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 18 – Al Arabiya -The conversation about Islamic extremism should begin with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fuelled extremist ideology. Financial support for terrorism from Saudis remains a threat to the international community. Faris Bin Hizam,a Saudi expert in Islamist movements said an estimated 600 Saudis have joined […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 18 – The famous documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, said on CNN: “If you support Trump, you’re a racist.” This Wednesday when Michael Moore was discussing Donald Trump’s press conference, in which he likened neo-Nazi’s to anti-fascist protesters, he contended that the president is a racist. Moore remembered that after Trump’s conference at Trump […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 14 – A few days ago, we heard the news of unknown gunmen who blew up an oil pipeline in Shabwa. People were surprised for several reasons. The first is why the bombing of an oil pipeline in Shabwa, one of the provinces controlled by the so-called legitimacy, However, two days after the […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 11 – Everyone knows that American Jews and Israel are drifting apart—and everyone is confident of the reasons why. Israel, it is said, has become increasingly nationalistic and right-wing; “the occupation” violates liberal values; and the American Jewish “establishment,” with its old familiar defense organizations and their old familiar apologetics, has lost touch […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 11 – “Iran does not need the United States,” wrote Georges Ugeux, former vice-president of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday Huffington Post. Ugeux mentioned that he attended a conference organized by the Central Bank of Iran on financial stability in Tehran last month which was, according to him, an “eye-opener to […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 10 – A press release issued by the Saudi Foreign Ministry published by Wikileaks revealed the level of rapprochement between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, according to the Middle East Monitor, the latest of which was close to what he called the popular rapprochement. According to recent confidential documents, the Israeli Embassy in Washington […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 09 – Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad has once again stated that the United States and Britain are supporting terrorists in the country. Interviewed by the BBC and Reuters, Mikdad said that there is a secret program by the US to support the militants, through which the terrorist groups have been supplied […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 09 – The United States has had a dismal track record managing conflicts in the Middle East in recent years, but in Yemen, it is currently abetting a humanitarian disaster that could ultimately rival Syria and Iraq in its destabilizing impact on the region and the world. More than 10,000 people have been […]

BlackHouse, Aug. 03 – Saudi Arabia is a wealthy country thanks to huge oil exports. The West-backed Al Saud royal family leads the Arab kingdom and spends much to make sure that its rule will continue. Since King Salman’s ascension to throne in 2015, the regime has showered the citizens with $33 billion in royal […]