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BlackHouse, Oct. 08 – The movement of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was one of the main and most controversial campaign vows of Donald Trump during 2016 US election. The US president postponed the moving of US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem to a time when the Israeli-Palestinian peace deal will be on the […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 08 – Offensive terms used for black movements in America in a recent declassified FBI report makes controversy among the US community and critics. A declassified report which has been recently released by FBI used the term “black-identity extremists” to describe the black movements who rise and protest against the brutality by the US […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 08 – Clashes over the nuclear deal between Iran and the world six powers mounts with the certifying time of US president approaching. Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani says that Iran has already benefited from the nuclear deal, also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and no one could deprive Iran of […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 07 – The sale of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) systems to Saudi Arabia has been confirmed by the US State Department. The deal that has been reached a couple of months ago during the US president Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia is being practically implemented by the two sides. The transaction […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 06 – US President Donald Trump was reportedly “furious” over a report which said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on the verge of resigning in July and had once called the president a “moron.” NBC News, citing several senior Trump administration officials, reported on Thursday that the president “fumed” inside the White House […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 05 – The war of words between the leaders of Venezuela and America continues with the Latin American president accusing his counterpart with knowing nothing about Venezuela. The Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro made another series of verbal attacks against the US president asserting he has got no idea where Venezuela is geographically. Maduro further […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 05 – Reports indicate that Al-Nusra Front leader, the Al-Qaeda branch in Syria, has been critically injured by the Russian air strike yesterday. Abu Mohammad al-Julani, the leader of Al-Nusra, which has transformed to Tahrir al-Sham recently and after the collapse of Al-Nusra, has been wounded following a series of air strikes launched by […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 03 – Tensions in Catalonia mounts with the residents insisting on commitment to the result of referendum showing an all-out determination across the region for independence from Spain. Following a controversial and violent day of voting in referendum, officials announced that the result shows a 90% approval for the independence of Catalan from Spain. […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 03 – New documents reveal additional contacts between US President Donald Trump and Russians ahead of the 2016 presidential election. The previously unreported contacts were initially revealed in documents released by The Washington Post on Monday. They contained previously undisclosed communications between Trump associates and Russian officials during the 2016 campaign, which put the New […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 03 – The administration of US President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to expel nearly two-thirds of embassy staff in Cuba, days after cutting down the number of US diplomats in the Caribbean country due to mysterious health “attacks.” Washington was going to officially relay the request to Havana on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported […]