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BlackHouse, Oct. 03 – The leaders of Iraq’s Kurdistan region finally held their controversial independence referendum on September 25 after several months of campaigning. The Iraqi Kurds will certainly need to garner support of the international powers after their vote of independence to pursue their separatist goals amid vehement opposition to their measures by the neighboring […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 03 – Price’s private jet scandal forced him to resign on Friday. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price handed his resignation to President Donald Trump on Friday, after a scandal about his constant use of private charter jets for official business at taxpayer expense. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary, announced […]

BlackHouse, Oct. 03 – US President Donald Trump has doubled the number of US air strikes in Yemen with the last year of former President Barack Obama, according to new estimates. The rise in raids has drawn new interest from parliamentarians and human rights groups on the role of the United Kingdom in counterterrorism operations in […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 30 – Saudi Arabia has threatened to take measures to undermine economic relations with countries that support a United Nations resolution to open an international investigation into Yemen crimes. Council members are considering a Dutch-Canadian draft resolution calling for an international commission of inquiry support by the United Nations to crimes in Yemen. […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 29 – What is claimed as repeated “mistakes” by the US troops in Syrian city of Raqqa has led to death of thousands of civilians during the airstrikes. The occupied lands of Raqqa have been targeted by the US air force in a claimed operation against terrorist militants. As Oleg Syromolotov, Supervisor of […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 29 – While investigations regarding the potential Russian intervention in US election is still underway, WikiLeaks new documents reveals collusion between Clinton Campaign and Facebook. WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange revealed the secret ties between Clinton campaign managers in 2016 election and high-rank managers of Facebook. In a tweet posted on Thursday, Assange released […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 28 – Up to 20 rockets have struck the airport and surrounding areas in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul hours after US Defense Secretary James Mattis and NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg arrived in the country on an unannounced visit. Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish confirmed the rocket attacks on Wednesday, saying that one […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 27 – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei told Martyr Hojaji’s family that God has bestowed special mercy upon the Iranian soldier as indicated by the massive excitement caused by his martyrdom. Speaking to the family of Iranian military adviser who was decapitated by the ISIL terrorists in Syria, Ayatollah Khamenei added “all […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 27 – Iraq has reiterated it rejects dialogue with Kurdistan Region’s government after the announcement of results of a referendum the region holds for independence from Iraq. In a televised address late Monday, shortly after referendum polls closed, Iraqi premier Haider al-Abadi said his country was not ready to discuss or hold dialogue around […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 27 – “Hezbollah are not using their weapons in internal politics. They ensure our resistance against Israel,” Lebanese president said in an interview with a French newspaper Le Figaro on disarming Hezbollah. Lebanese President Michel Aoun told Le Figaro that “Hezbollah weapons only ensure our resistance against the Zionists regime.” “Hezbollah are not […]