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BlackHouse, Sep. 28 – As part of a long-term venture to send humans to Mars, the US and Russia have agreed to team up to build a crewed spaceport called Deep Space Gateway in lunar orbit. “The partners intend to develop international technical standards which will be used later, in particular to create a space station […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 28 – A majority of American voters believe Donald Trump is not “fit to serve as president” of the United States, a new poll shows. Fifty-one percent of American nationals contacted said they are embarrassed to have Trump serve as president, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 27 – King Salman ordered the reform in a royal decree delivered on Tuesday night, requesting that drivers licences be issued to women who wanted them Women in Saudi Arabia have been granted the right to drive, overturning a cornerstone of Saudi conservatism that had been a cause celebre for activists demanding reforms in the fundamentalist […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 26 – 22 people were arrested by St. Louis police following the gathering of dozens at the Galleria shopping mall protesting acquitting of a former police officer who shot killed a black man back in 2011. The protests in St. Louis against the exoneration of a white police officer who murdered a black man […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 26 – The controversial law of travel ban has reportedly been extended by the White House while three names have been added to the list of countries whose citizens were not allowed to enter the US. The new phase of travel ban, officially known as Executive Order 13769, which will start on October […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 24 – The controversial issue of travel ban in the US seems to be resurfacing following reports about the modification of law by the White House to include more countries. The travel ban which passed a long and disputed process to be finally practiced a few months ago on 6 major Muslim countries for […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 24 – Footage of the violent arrest of a person while savagely beating and punching the man on the head has turned controversial in media and resurfaced US police brutality for one more time. Investigations regarding a video showing the US police officers harshly beating a man have been launched by the US security […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 20 – The murder of a young man by Atlanta police led to the eruption of massive protests across the city centering in Georgia Tech University. With the rise of tensions and clashes in Georgia Tech vicinity, a police car was set to fire by the protesters. Reports also indicate that 2 officers […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 18 – The conflicts over the removal of confederate statues lingers on with the clash of proponents and opponents of the removal in Richmond Virginia. The protests started with a group of people who gathered around the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Following the gathering, dozens more gathered in response and […]

BlackHouse, Sep. 18 – Following the acquitting of an officer who shot killed a black citizen in St. Louis, angry protests erupted across the city on Friday. The protesters who largely got together in front of the mayor’s house in St. Louis, called for justice about the murder of the black man. The police forces […]