White House social media director slammed for his fake news

BlackHouse, Sep. 12 – Social media has been loaded with tweets over the egregious mistake by the White House Social media director. Dan Scavino Jr. posted a video on Twitter which claimed to be depicting Miami International Airport during Hurricane Irma.

The video posted by Mr. Scavino proved fake after the reactions by a group of users on twitter were followed by the official page of Miami International Airport rejecting the relevance of the video to the airport. The fact is that in the video, neither the airport was in Miami nor the hurricane was Irma.

Although the tweet was deleted after a while from twitter, the users did not stop reacting to a post which was perceived as fake news. The tweet read:

Sharing #HurricaneIrma on social media with President @realDonaldTrump and @VP Pencehourly. Here is Miami International Airport. Stay safe!!

Scavino is famous for his harsh attacks against a great part of American Websites Like Washington Post, CNN, and New York Times calling them fake news.

The White House Social media director removed the post without apologizing for the mistake he made. He tried to excuse himself for the error explaining that he was receiving hundreds of videos.

Hurricane Irma is devouring Florida with thousands of people getting trapped in their houses to keep safe from the destructive wind.

During his presidential campaigns and after taking the office, Donald trump accused hundreds of news outlets with publishing fake news against him. He even sanctioned many of these Websites in his press conferences avoiding to answer their correspondences.

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